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Whether you have a small Disk Jockey business are the largest in your town, having he correct dj equipment can mean the difference between success or failure.  Learn The DJ SECRETS  and earn big money. You will need the basics such as the DJ LIGHTS and dj mixers and the sound quality to entertain your fans.  Make sure to give the club or location you will be peforming at the best system you can find.  The DJ business is a very exciting one and if you have the correct equipment, you can build your business up at many different clubs.  Once your have your system complete, make some promotonal material and then go out and get some bookings.  If you are new to the business then you can first start off by operating at small parties and then once people know you the word will get out.  Below you will find hundreds of the best new and used DJ GEAR and equipment.  Check back often as we update new listings all the time.

Some People even decide to START A RECORD LABEL!  go for the big time. Many musicans are availabe for  you to manage or  promote.  Helping the entertainers become a success will also make you a success.  So whether you want to have your own DJ Business or go into the Record Label business, the choice is yours.

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